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The Grenfell tower fire tragedy is still present, not only in the community but in all of the UK. Especially the political aftermath is still in our minds. While the tower has been rebuild and an overwhelming act of unity and solidarity could be experienced, the story is still far from over. Yes, there was a considerable amount of support coming from the Royal Family and the government but let’s not forget the vast amount of private citizens who donated whatever they could spare to help the victims of this catastrophe. Those people have different backgrounds and also have different histories. You could feel the community sticking together when working-class people gave some of their hard-earned paycheck or winners of Deutsche online casinos decided to make a difference with their win.

While the country stood united side by side moaning over the life’s that have been lost in this tragedy, the political leaders showed just how far they are from the average people on the streets or living in the many towers like Grenfell. There was the mayor who decided to cut funds for urgently needed modernizations of the towers. Astonishingly nobody asked questions about whether or not this is a good idea. Maybe John Doe would have not lost everything he owns that night when he had to stop his session at the deutsche online casino and needed to run down the stairs for his life. The money is always needed elsewhere and cuts are easily decided on a piece of paper, but it certainly becomes something totally different after such a fire that left so many people dead.

We all remember the speech of the Prime Minister. That was the day when she received her new nickname; Maybot after all. To this very day, people are furious and angry when they think back about this speech. Certainly, the people who lost loved ones or everything they had needed some comforting instead of this. But let’s make one thing clear, for the survivors it is not about blaming someone. All they want is justice because someone must be responsible after all. When it comes to compensation, that is always an easy way out. But there is no real amount of money in the world that makes up for a lost loved one, is there? Even weeks later the government still had trouble finding new homes for the people like John Doe who was lucky enough to make it out of the burning building alive when his computer still turned the wheels while playing Deutsche online casinos.

After all that time that has passed since the fire, we can look back and come up with a few conclusions. The community in the neighborhood is still alive and people in the UK are still there for one another, supporting and helping each other in a crisis. When political leaders are looking for a loophole to weasel their way out of responsibility and someone else to blame, the people on the streets are cramping up their sleeves and do whatever they can to help. The spirit in the British neighborhoods remains strong and for that, we would like to thank each and every one of you out there.