Online Casinos Gaming Services Ltd. organises a 3 day igaming charity event

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Online casinos gaming services Ltd. wants to help out this wonderful organisation in support of what happened at the Grenfell tower incident. Many people lost their lives and a lot of families have been suffering ever since. Emotionally but also financially this drama left a big hole in the community that needs to be fixed. We want to help the families of the people that lost their life on that tragic day. We want to give something back to them so they are at least from a financial perspective better off and can get by.

That is why online casinos gaming services Ltd. organised an igaming charity event in central London. They invited all the industry leaders in the casino gaming space to come together to discuss how to help and better people affected by this horrible tragedy. The core business of these companies is offering online casinos to players worldwide so it only made sense to organise workshops at this charity event regarding igaming and give advice on how to give back to the community and help out victims of horrible disasters like the one that happened at Grenfell.

Online casinos gaming services Ltd. leased a convention hall in downtown London for 3 days. The event is taking place from 25th until the 27th of August. There will be around 20 other igaming companies at this 3 day charity event with workshops, lectures and other events. All the proceedings will be donated to victims and families of the Grenfall tower incident. There will be industry leaders coming to give a workshop regarding management and where the industry is going in the next few years. Also, in the evenings of the days the event is held there will be charitable dinners which cost around 500 pounds per head. The proceedings of these dinners are going to the families of the victims of the Grenfell tower incident.

We are trying to give something back to the community and especially for the victims of what happened on that horrible day. When on the 14th of June 2017 this terrible drama happened the whole world was shocked and everybody wanted to help and give something to the people of the Grenfell tower. At least a bit of hope or anything financial that will make the pain and suffering a little bit better to bare. Everybody in the UK was devastated about what happened and quickly a movement was started up to help out the victims of the horrible drama. Artists for Grenfell played a big role in bringing awareness and started raising a movement towards helping out and showing support to the victims.

With the igaming charity event of Online casinos gaming services Ltd. they hope to give a little bit back as well. All the big online gaming companies and other partners are in support of the cause and we will do anything to help out. This igaming charity event will only be the start of what we believe will be a new movement of charity events within the gaming world.

After this event we will set up a trust fund with all the online gambling companies combined and every year we will donate 2 percent of our net revenue to this trust fund that will be used for the rebuilding of the community and also to help out with other costs that came with the Grenfell tower incident.