What to do in case it happens to you?

It has been a while since the Grenfell Tower fire, but the victims are still very much alive in our memories. The ones who managed to escape are still processing this traumatic experience and all of London is still in shock. That is only one of the many reasons why we should avoid this happening again at all cost. One way to do that is to educate people on how to act if a fire occurs. If the first people detecting the fire, handle it properly, worse can be avoided in some cases. If not, they might at least be able to save their lives.

In case of a small fire

It seems obvious, but in a blind panic you might forget all logic. If you have a fire in the kitchen, you shut off all electric equipment and gas exists immediately. In case the fire persists and is small, don’t put water on it. Use a blanket instead to kill the fire. If the fire is really big, or if a lot of smoke gets released it’s important to leave the space and close the door immediately. Keeping the fire from being able to breathe will kill it quicker and won’t allow it any opportunity to move to other spaces.

Leave the building

When a fire occurs, the best thing to do is to leave the building immediately. Don’t try to be a hero or save material things. If you have insurance, material damages will be covered anyway. Another obvious tip is to never take the elevator. Due to the fire you might get stuck in there with no way to get out. After all, you’ll never know what the fire will destroy and if help will come in time. The safest way to flee the building is by taking the stairs.

Lay as low as possible

If you need to go through an area with lots of smoke, it’s important that you inhale as little as possible of it. The best way to do this is by either crawling through the hall or finding another way to law low while moving. Once you start inhaling the smoke, you might get sick and lower your chances of a successful escape. If there are more people, it might be an idea to go after them and follow their lead.

Practice in advance

Fire drills are invented for a reason. Many people who have never been in fires, don’t understand the necessity of these drills, but they are very important. First of all, it’s important to have a meeting place to see who’s still in the building and who isn’t. Secondly, the building should provide ways for people to escape quickly and efficiently, even in large numbers. And lastly, the fire alarms should be tested every now and then to make sure an eventual incident get noticed immediately.

Never forget the victims

The victims of the Grenfell Tower must have tried to follow these tips as well, but maybe they weren’t able to because of a broken fire alarm or because there was no plan put in place. We owe it to them to make sure another fire like that never happens again. This way their lives may save someone else in the future.